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Athletics - Mustangs Athletic Club

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Mustangs Athletic Club consists of Athletics donors who are committed to the success of MSU Texas athletics programs. Since its formation in 1970, members of the Mustangs Athletics Club have helped Mustangs earn respect on the state, regional, and national levels.

As a way to show our appreciation, members now have the opportunity to receive exclusive benefits such as event tickets, Mustangs club decal, and more.

A message from Kyle Williams

MSU Texas Athletics invites alumni and friends to join the 2023-24 Mustangs Athletic Club! This year, we celebrate all of our team’s accomplishments and future wins. The Mustangs Athletic Club consists of those individuals who are willing to make a financial commitment to the future of

the MSU athletics program.

Our commitment to student-athletes remains unchanged, as we strive to ensure their success on the field and in the classroom. We need your support to maximize that success and help them flourish into the young men and women who will take their championship work ethic into the world.

Please consider making a gift to support Mustang student-athletes. Regardless of size, every gift makes a difference to Mustang athletes by providing scholarships, academic advancements, and success in all aspects of their athletic and educational journeys.

Kyle Williams

Athletic Director



Thanks To Our Recent Donors!